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The “Silent Generation” is silent no more...


Our WWII Veterans have been called the “Greatest Generation” and the “CBI Theater” has long been called the “Forgotten War”. History has overlooked this important part of WWII. 


This website is dedicated to those who served in the 80th Fighter Group,“ The Burma Banshees”.


One CBI Veteran I know calls this part of the war The “ Unknown War”. I would have to agree with him.  These veterans have remained silent for too long.  


What you see here comes from shoe boxes and scrap books that have been tucked away  for too long. Some members of the Burma Banshees collected photographs of their experience.Only now, are they starting to surface. We have organized each collection by the member that made them available and by the unit they served in. 


If you have anu questions or would like to submit material feel free to contact me via the about us page  



Welcome to the new Burma Banshee site. I began this site twelve years ago as a place to share my father's WWII scrap book. I had no idea that it would attract visitors from around the world. 


You will probably figure out building websites is not one of my strengths. Shortly after I built the first one I changed from a PC to a Mac and lost my ability to edit it. So, it ran unchaged for 11 years untill Yahoo, in their infirnite wisdom deleted it. Now I have been forced to rebuild it, I am using Wix for now untill I find somthing better. Probably not a bad thing that I finaly had to come to terms with updating it. Since this will be a work in progress for a while, I'll try to list the updates as they go in the box below. My goal is to gather as much information on the Burma Banshees as I can and share everything so this information doesn't get lost to history. If you have any information you would like to share please let me know, we would love to feature it. Hopefully I can figure out how to add a contact me section soon.


1) I've added additional photo gallerys under the fighter squadron tabs

2) In the library tab are 4 Burma Banshee newsletters, documents and 2 memoirs written by Adair

3) I've added a dozen or so videos. I have about 40 total so keep an eye on that section

4) I am still trying to figure out how to let people download full size images so that's what the download test pages are

5) Robert Jones sent in his Uncle's gallery Cal Reasoner and Miss Flash. Never seen before photos.

Mark Joyce added his photos of Bob Gale

Bobby Grew and Andrew Lloyd added their color photos of Hanger 11's Lulu Belle


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