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John Hugelmeyer Prints

There are 5 full size prints available to down load here

They are :

1) A full size scan of the 89th Fighter Squadron at Mitchell Field

2) A full size photo of LT Dick Nellis that Hugelmyer took and gave to LT Phil Adair.

He was LT Adair's first bunk mate and Adair would call him a hero for piloting his flaming P47 out to

sea so it wouldn't crash on Long Island. Tragcally he lost his life. 

3) A large P47 print Huglemeyer signed and gave to LT Adair. These P47's are flying over Long Island

4)  A large print of P38's flying over Long Island that Hugelmeyer signed and gave to LT Adair

5) A large print of P47's flying over Long Island. It is stamped SGT John Hegelmeyer 1ST US Army Air Force Photogapher on the back


To download click on the image below and look for a down arrow in the lower left hand corner.

Click on that and you'll download a zip file with all five images



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