David Brown is Tony Burns' Son in Law  and he tells his story here:


My father in law, Tony Burns was indeed Felix Hensley Jones crew chief. Carroll Peak who went by "Cud" was a tent mate with my Father in Law. I did  the historical work up for the captions. When my Father in Law passed away  I received a box of unmarked photos from his wife Jane. Carroll Peak lived 45 miles up the Ohio river from me....I met him at a CBI Basha meeting in Louisville. I called him and asked for help identifying the photos. I drove to his home in Bedford, Ky. and we went through them on his kitchen table.....a lot of stories and information just started to come out....it was a wonderful day.

Tony Burns _Mitchell Field


Tony Burns + A-36A Apache India

P-47D 89thFS Big Noise_Burns

Peak-Burns P-47 Little Rebel II_Burns

Carroll Peak _ Myitkyina_Burns

Lt Adair's P-47

P-47D & 89thFS ground crews

P-47 100hours inspection_Burns

P-47 #55 Little Rebel II

P-38 Chittagong_Burns

P-40N #1 groundcrews 89thFS_Burns

P-40N Flung Dung_Burns coll

Jones in P-47 Little Rebel II_Burns

P-40N Maj Smith 1943

Supplies via mules_Burns

Adair P-47 w_Carroll Peak_Burns

Myitkyina South AB sign_Burns

P-40N #1 & 89thFS line-up

Burns & Peak deer hunting_Burns

Adair P-47 #44 Ruth Kentucky Belle_Burns

Gurkha-Peak-Burns atBhamo


US jacket flag

89thFS patch

Tony Burns on P-40N wing

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